Great Food at Altitude by James Martin

Everybody knows that the food you eat on an airline can sometimes be a bit disappointing. For this reason Thomas Cook have been working with chef James Martin to improve the quality of their meals. Part of their joint research has focussed on the fact that at altitude, sensitivity to taste is reduced, and that airline food needs extra flavour when compared with the same dish eaten on the ground. Rather than adding more salt or sugar to dishes, James has created an in-flight menu that uses natural flavourings to enhance the taste of the food and make sure that passenger's journeys are an enjoyable start to their holidays.

We visited James' at his studio kitchen and produced a series of three films to be used online and for in-flight entertainment, showing how he created the various menus that will taste great in the air without using excess salt or sugar. We then also created short teasers and chef tips to be used for a social media campaign.

#morefuntime - Social Media campaign

Thomas Cook wanted to use social media to raise awareness of their expansion of routes to the US from UK airports, specifically the route from Manchester to LA, and the fact that by using it customers from the north west could save a valuable three and a half hours by not having to travel to Heathrow. The idea was to ask people what they would do with the extra time they would have on their holiday and to share their thoughts with the hashtag #morefuntime. As part of the campaign we produced a series of short video clips juxtaposing the excitement on offer in LA with the mundane alternatives on the M6.

The films were all shot point of view using GoPro cameras and edited into a mix of 45s and 15s clips to be shared on social media.

Internal Engagement

Thomas Cook Group wanted to share examples of great customer service with their employees around the world. Creating a documentary film meant that the contributors could tell their personal stories in their own words, and be shown in their own environments. We travelled to two of the group's biggest hubs, Frankfurt and Manchester, to find out how staff and crew had assisted passengers and made sure they received the highest level of service.

We heard some heartwarming stories and shot in some challenging filming locations, including interviewing the First Officer inside the cockpit just before take-off, a mechanic underneath the plane, and shooting some cutaways from the tug pushing back an Airbus A321.

The film was very well received within the group, and a few months later we were asked to update it to include new interviews with employees based in Copenhagen. We also created multiple versions for the various European languages spoken within the company.