Once a year the the global brands in the mobile sector gather at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to showcase their latest technology and understanding. In 2016, for the 6th consecutive year, Treetop supported the Nokia team (previously Alcatel-Lucent) creating same-day content featuring their C-Level Team. The high level of the contributors and the importance of their messaging meant that the overall wrap up film we produced was featured on Nokia's international homepage.

Wrap film from 2016 featured on the Nokia homepage

The Challenge

Producing super fast turnaround film packages from a busy expo like Mobile World Congress is very challenging.  Timeframes are short, tensions are high and the sheer volume of work can be daunting.  But we relish working under pressure, and for the duration of the show we become the in-house Nokia video team.

Keeping to Schedule

Working with the senior leadership team means that interview schedules are usually in a state of flux. Starting an interview slot fifteen minutes late doesn’t mean you’ll be finishing late, it means you will only have half the allotted time to deliver the same results without compromising on the quality or the content.  A calm approach is essential as is a keen ear, so that the interview comments that resonate can be adapted to fit into our concise packages.

Our Approach

We have honed what we think is a pretty efficient and robust production workflow.  So after the slow and measured planning meetings in the months before the show, once on-site it’s all about the team bringing their individual flair, creativity and enthusiasm to bear.  With shoots, approvals and final deliveries all happening at the same time, the key to a successful event is the same every time - a close and embedded relationship with the extended Nokia team.