Investec Values

Our relationship with Investec goes back to even before Treetop first started. Having worked on a few internal comms projects involving shooting around Europe and creating DVDs (remember those!), in 2007 we were asked to create a series of branded stings featuring their iconic Zebra identity in a variety of locations.

Sadly we weren’t able to travel around the world with a Zebra, but instead we used existing footage of the Zebra shot in a green-screen studio (on 35mm film no less) and composited this onto some selected library footage.

Each sting was around 10s in duration and featured the Zebra in diverse locations from the Champs Elysee in Paris to a fun fair and the top of a snowy mountain.

The stings would have a multitude of uses, including being shown at an event attended by Nelson Mandela and in various guises online. Internally they could be seen as screen savers on staff PCs and even on small screens in the office lifts.

At the time this was a big project for us lasting around 16 weeks, and great fun to work on. It felt like we were really pushing the limits of the technology we had available, and coming up with creative ways to combine two very different sets of media (which had been shot with no intention of being used together) was a real challenge. The fact that today, almost 10 years later, the stings are still being used on the jumbo screen in the reception area at Investec’s head office in London shows how successful they were.

The Investec Challenge - Sky TV Bumpers

Investec are well known for their high profile sponsorship of sporting events which ties in well with their brand. For a number of years they were the sponsors of the England rugby team’s autumn internationals against the southern hemisphere sides, branding them “The Investec Challenge” series.

The games were shown on Sky Sports and Investec had the opportunity to raise awareness via the channel by creating bumpers to be shown between the main programme and the ad breaks. These needed to be very short and impactful grabbing the attention of viewers who may have been at home or possibly in a crowded pub!

We took some game footage supplied to us by Sky, found some big hits from the games, wound down the colour and the detail in the images to match the strong black and white identity of the zebra, and wound up the volume in some sound design to make sure the bumpers gave the audience a bit of a jolt before they went to make their cup of tea - or buy their next pint at the bar.

Investec Rugby

It’s not everyday that you get to stand in the middle of the hallowed turf at Twickenham, so we jumped at the chance to make a brand positioning film with Investec’s marketing director to explain the close association between the company and the ethos of the sport.

This emotive and stirring film featured clips from some of the big games they put their name to, and as big rugby fans ourselves getting this one right was something we were very proud of.

Creation of an Icon - The Investec Derby Trophy

In 2010 a perpetual trophy was created for the Investec sponsored Epsom Derby. We were asked to make a film showing how the trophy was conceived, designed and created by sculptor Charlie Langton and the silversmiths at Asprey.

We visited Charlie at his studio in Wiltshire and spoke to him about his love for sculpture and how he came up with the idea. Then we visited the foundry where his design was cast, before moving on to Asprey in Bond Street to see the pieces transformed into the amazing silver trophy handed to each year’s winner and on display at the iconic course. The film was completed with race footage supplied by the BBC and additional motion control footage we shot of the finished trophy.

Considering the value of the trophy we were very pleased to hand it back in one piece after filming!

"What we do" TV commercial

Investec are very proud of their entrepreneurial culture and core brand values of energy, stamina and outstanding talent. To showcase their diverse range of sponsorships that share those values, they commissioned a TV spot designed to show people "What We Do" and in we were entrusted to bring the idea to life.

The spot was to feature a montage of footage from various different sources covering sports sponsorships (England Cricket, NZ rugby internationals, Tottenham Hotspur FC & GB Women’s Hockey) and CSR projects in their native South Africa. These were interspersed with a presenter delivering the key lines, and of course the Investec Zebra (derived from the existing green-screen footage).

The ad was completed by a specially arranged version of an energetic track from electro band Angry vs the Bear. Working with Darren from the band on the track also led to us producing their next music video a few months later...

The making of a client relationship

We’ve made many case studies in our time but this has to be one of our favourites, and not just because we actually feature in it!  

Compact Media are a client of Investec’s and as their business is within the world of film and television rights, the creative treatment involved a shoot within a shoot. This meant showing behind the scenes of the interviews we conducted with the teams from both Compact Media and Investec themselves.

The behind the scenes camera was able to show how the interviews were set up as well as contributing additional angles of the interviewees. This was especially useful when editing the final interview featuring both teams and enabled us to capture the special relationship the two companies have built up.