“For today's investor” - brand re-launch

In 2015 we were asked to create a range of branded video content to help explain the brand re-launch to staff, investors and analysts.

The visual treatment used in print, online and outdoor was black and white photography combined with the strong Aviva brand colours flowing along a tri-colour pathway. We integrated this into our video output by compositing an animated pathway onto a series of library shots chosen to match the imagery used in the other areas. This was combined with statements from the CEO, Global Head of Marketing, and other members of the executive team filmed at their headquarters in the City of London.

The internal version of the film was shown at the staff brand launch event in London where we also provided branded content featuring the animated pathway to be used on screens to re-enforce the new identity.

External versions of the film were also created for European, North American and Canadian markets.


Season’s Greetings for Christmas Jumper Day

Having re-launched the brand, Aviva were keen to make use of their new visual identity internally, and in the run up to Christmas CEO Euan Munro decided to create a video message expressing his and the executive team’s appreciation of the staff’s hard work throughout the year. The video would also be used to promote Christmas Jumper Day and raise money for the Save the Children, Macmillan Cancer Research and Make a Wish charities.

A competition was run to for staff to photograph a Christmassy image (not so easy in a warm October) and the winner was used in all printed material as well as being selected as a background for the video.

We then set up a green screen studio at the Aviva offices and filmed Euan delivering his message in his Christmas jumper. Once the message was in the can we composited Euan into the scene, added some snow, the tri-colour pathway and a sprinkling of fairy dust to complete the effect.

“Risk the Kick” - online engagement

Our first collaboration with the brand was on a freezing January day with Harlequins RFC shooting their kiwi fly-half Nick Evans kicking some tricky penalties on the training ground.

The creative idea was an online game where the participant could choose from 5 different kicks based on their appetite for risk. The bigger the risk the harder the kick but the more chance of winning the big prize, the biggest being VIP tickets to the Aviva Premiership Rugby Final.

We filmed Nick and a couple of teammates introducing the competition and then set up 5 different placements on the pitch, starting with a regulation conversion in front of the posts finishing with a difficult 40 yard effort from right on the touch line. Nick then took aim and gave us a successful and failed kick from each position so that the footage could be made into the online game.

It was pretty impressive to watch him close up, not only nailing the difficult kicks but also missing by just enough to make it look like he hadn’t meant it!